Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc.

2022 Championship Show

Saturday 29 October 2022

Bulla Exhibition Centre,  5 Uniting Lane,  Bulla,  Victoria,  3428

Judge:  Mr Tom Roozen (The Netherlands)


Best In Show:

2 September 2020
Sire: Apollo de Bruine Buck
Dam: Ch Beljekali My Cherie Amour
Owned By: Mr C & Mrs J Fynmore
Bred By: Ms L Pratt & Mr C & Mrs J A Fynmore

Runner Up Best In Show:

19 July 2016
Sire: SupCh Corsini Galiano (Imp UK)
Dam: Belengere Blue Velvet (AI)
Owned By: Lumineux Kennels
Bred By: Lumineux Kennels



Baby Puppy In Show:
Radnor Miss Money Penni (AI)
11 May 2022
Sire:  Gr. Ch.Laechelon Ansa’s-Vamoose RN (Imp NZ)
Dam:  Ch . Vlashaard Diamond
Owner: L Longmuir
Breeder: L Longmuir
Minor Puppy In Show:
Graebelge Feel The Heat
3 March 2022
Sire:  Graebelge All Fired Up
Dam:  Beljekali Yelaina
Owner: Louise Robertson
Breeder:  Graebelge Kennels
Puppy In Show:
Beletta Lunas Marionette
12 January 2022
Sire:  Heroeswit At Belgnbeau
Dam:  Beletta Lola Bunny (AI)
Owner:  Mrs Jody Hafey
Breeder:  Mrs Jody Hafey
Junior In Show:
Beljekali Krooked Halo
7 August 2021
Sire:  SupCh Beljekali I Go Where Hugo (AI)
Dam:  Ch Beljekali Ring My Belle (AI)
Owner:  J Fynmore
Breeder:  C & J Fynmore
Intermediate In Show:
Ch Mirribandi Quelle Surprise
11 December 2020
Sire:  UKCh Jeu De Vie de la Terre Sauvage At Niavana (Imp UK)
Dam:  Mirribandi Charmed (AI)
Owner:  Tracy Glawson
Breeder:  Mrs K Winton
State Bred In Show:
Ch Astabron The Wizard In Black

24 March 2021
Sire:  JohDam The Wizard At Astabron JC
Dam:  Ch Deviebelle PS Rockin Astabron JC
Owner:  Ms B J Durran
Breeder:  Ms B J Durran
Australian Bred In Show:
Ch Beljekali X Man Kuma CCD
28 January 2018
Sire:  SupCh Easy Feeling du Crepuscule des Loups JD (Imp Fra)
Dam:  Ch Beljekali Beautiful Girl
Owner:  L Wadham & J&C Fynmore
Breeder:  J & C Fynmore
Open In Show:
Ch Beljekali Harvest Moon (AI)
2 September 2020
Sire:  Apollo de Bruine Buck
Dam:  Ch Beljekali My Cherie Amour
Owner:  Ms L Pratt & Mr C & Mrs J A Fynmore
Breeder:  Mr C & Mrs J Fynmore
Veteran In Show (7-10 years):
Ch Corsini Galiano (Imp UK)
4 December 2013
Sire:  IntCh High Clearings Harley
Dam:  EngCh Corsini Finesse
Owner:  Mr G Moore
Breeder:  Mrs A McLaren & Mr J L Vandenbemden
Veteran In Show (10+ years):
Ch Beljekali Beautiful Girl
25 September 2010
Sire:  Ch Beljekali Xito
Dam:  Sup Ch Dionarah du Pre du Vieux Pont (Imp Bel)
Owner:  CA & JA Fynmore
Breeder:  CA & JA Fynmore
Neuter In Show:
Ch Beletta Arwen
21 November 2016
Sire:  Belgenbeau Repeat Performance
Dam:  Ch Radnor Rainbow Six
Owner:  Mrs J Hafey
Breeder:  Mrs J Hafey
Runner Up Neuter In Show:
Ch Deviebelle ET Elle
23 November 2010
Sire:  Belengere Blue Danube (AI)
Dam:  Grimmendans Electra
Owner: Ms B J Durran
Breeder:  Mr D & Mrs J Voll



Best of Breed Groenendael:
Runner Up Best of Breed Groenendael:
Groenendael Dog Challenge:
Groenendael Runner Up Dog Challenge:
Groenendael Bitch Challenge:
Groenendael Runner Up Bitch Challenge
Ch Beljekali Harvest Moon (AI)
Ch Mirribandi A Wolf Song JC
Ch Beljekali Harvest Moon (AI)
Beljekali Just Press Play (AI)
Ch Mirribandi A Wolf Song JC
Ch Beljekali Beautiful Girl
Best of Breed Laekenois:
Runner Up Best of Breed Laekenois:
Laekenois Dog Challenge:
Laekenois Bitch Challenge:
Laekenois Runner Up Bitch Challenge:
Neuter Of Breed:
Entrust Toiseon Doree (IID)

Entrust Toiseon Doree (IID)

Ch Beletta Arwen
Best of Breed Malinois:
Runner Up Best of Breed Malinois:
Malinois Dog Challenge:
Malinois Runner Up Dog Challenge:
Malinois Bitch Challenge:
Malinois Runner Up Bitch Challenge:

Best of Breed Tervueren :
Runner Up Best of Breed Tervueren :
Tervueren Dog Challenge:
Tervueren Runner Up Dog Challenge:
Tervueren Bitch Challenge:
Tervueren Runner Up Bitch Challenge:
Best of Breed Neuter Tervueren:
Ch Lumineux Firebird
SupCh. Corsini Galiano (Imp UK)
SupCh. Corsini Galiano (Imp UK)
SupCh. Beljekali Cast In Neon At Delaroche
Ch Lumineux Firebird
Beljekali Krooked Halo
Ch Deviebelle ET Elle